Partial Superposition

By this procedure, in the invisible, we can spot the features of each part of the faces better.

The similarities are obvious:

  • For the eyes: Almond shaped.
  • For the nose: formed by the line which goes from the root of the eyebrow to the base of the nose the sinuous line under the nose with the loops on either side.
  • The wrinkles under the nose, from the root of the nose to the upper lip.
  • The axial line of the mouth.
  • For the lips: they are identical, the mouth is Picasso’s.
  • For the oval shape of the face.
  • Without omitting, the sinuous line going from the eyebrow to the root of the nose which we also notice in Celestina, Woman in Blue with a Beret , in Gertrude Stein and in other portraits by Picasso.
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1. Comparison of portraits
2. Self-portrait with a Palette and Woman in Blue with a Beret
3. Total superposition
4. Partial superposition
5. Recombination of the partial superpositions