Conclusion of the Paris Scientific Police Laboratory

« The study that we did on the painting Woman in Blue with a Beret takes into account both the scientific analysis and the artistic and bibliographical aspects. These elements are constituted of:

  • the analysis of the pigments which proved that all the pigments used are compatible with the dates (1903) put forward on both the front and the back of the painting;
  • the technique of preparation of the background;
  • the pictorial technique of the artist;
  • the signatures in the same style as those observed in 1903;
  • Picasso’s habits and all the symbolism that he used and his preoccupations of that period;
  • the presence of characters amongst Picasso’s acquaintances appearing in other works,

form a body of original coherent elements which confirm the authenticity of the portrait of Woman in Blue with a Beret as a work by Picasso, painted in Barcelona during the summer of 1903 (dated 4/8/03), and being part of the blue period in Barcelona (end January 1903 - April 1904). »