Higher Level

Above the right part of the higher level of the 1903 comic strip, is another group of drawings amongst which is a self-portrait with a signature « Picasso » and a head with the mention « Jacob » (winter 1903 in Barcelona). All these drawings are originals.

The choice of clothes (forage cap and overcoat) of the self-portrait where Picasso is smoking the pipe shows that this self- portrait was done in Barcelona during the winter of 1903-1904. Picasso’s choice of clothes at that time was linked to the fact that he did not have the means to heat his workshop in winter.

Bibliographical research had shown that Picasso made standard drawings which he reproduced, identically or nearly so, over the years and at different periods.

The sentence, the drawings and the signatures appearing on the back of the painting reinforced further the authentication of the portrait of Woman in Blue with a Beret.

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