Radiographic examination

An X- ray examination by l’Institut D’art, Conservation et Couleur of Paris disclosed a different underlying composition from the portrait visible to the naked eye. This underlying composition is certainly worthy of interest, but it is hard to identify since Picasso covered it with a thick white preparation using a wide brush passed in all directions. This first composition, if we refer to the indications on the back of the painting (signature Ruiz, drawing of a calf, etc.) was done between 1895 and 1900. This was something that Picasso often did at the time for multiple reasons. Among which,

  • Due to shortage of financial resources, he re-used supports even if they carried a remarkable work.
  • To satisfy an inspiration or a sudden urge to paint a specific subject and had no other support at hand.
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1. Analysis of the pigments
2. Radiographic examination
3. The Blue Period
4. Face - Cape - hood
5. Specific characteristics of Woman in Blue with a Beret