Face - Cape - Hood

The Face - Cape - Hood relation is according to Pierre Daix one of the important characteristics of this period.

Woman in Blue with a Beret wears a coat - cape and a sober and neat beret. The same can be said about her hairstyle which is painted with precision and great care. These three elements are in a dark blue modulated by blue on blue; this is especially noticeable on the coat - cape, a sober and simple garment where the numerous modulations of blue lead to luminous blue sheens on a dark blue background. The outline of the coat - cape is achieved by strokes of a particular black -blue which delimits the portrait and the volumes of its content. This technique is a characteristic of Picasso at that time. The dress of Woman in Blue with a Beret is done with severity and restraint and in a dark blue colour which fades in front of her personality and her character on which Picasso wants to focus the psychological interest.

Woman in Blue with a Beret is painted from the front, placed in the centre of the painting, isolated, stilted in her still figure. She is painted on a flat and smooth blue-green background. Everything in the technique of this portrait is centered on the psychological interest and the personality of the model who belongs to the world of the outcasts. Her face is in a blue halo, covered by a mat white background where blue traces blend and over which rosy ochres have been quickly brushed while still wet.

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2. Radiographic examination
3. The Blue Period
4. Face - Cape - hood
5. Specific characteristics of Woman in Blue with a Beret